Mike Becker 60\" Grey orange
Mike Becker 60\" Grey orange

A very nice brand new custom cue made by German Cuemaker Mike Becker.

Mike recently started using high-pressure laminated birch to make his cues and with his 40 years of experience knows what a cue is supposed to play like.

Mike builds his cues in 60" length divided evenly between shaft and butt. He uses the excellent 3Lobite Xtendo extension system made by Longoni, when you buy one of Mike's cues you can opt to buy the 20cm Xtendo for just € 30 extra

Mike uses a weight bolt system in both the shaft and the butt so you can experiment with both the weight and the balance of the cue.

Mike delivers the cues with a weight of between 18.8 and 19.2 Oz, which you can off course change.

This particular cue currently weighs 19.0 Oz and a 12.2mm shaft with Kamui Brown Soft tip.

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