Mezz EC9-D4


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Since the 1960’s Miki Co., LTD which was started by Yuji Miki has been building pool cues in large numbers for several well known American cue brands. Starting in the mid 1990’s they started producing cues under their own brand name Mezz, where they used their vast experience acquired over decades.

Early on as an insider-tip but growing quickly because of the immaculate quality, today Mezz is well known across the globe redefining the quality standards for production cues. In both fit and finish aswell as the technology used in their products Mezz cues are state-of-the-art and are used by many professional players around the world.

Mezz cues come in 2 different joint types, both developed in-house and both made with extremely low tolerances and as such offering a very tigh fight for both the big pin which is called Wavy joint and the United joint which based on and usually compatible with a 5/16×14 pin.

Delivery times for the Mezz cues are generally 6-8 weeks if we do not have the particular cue in stock.
If the cue you are interested in is also not currently in stock with Mezz in Japan then the delivery time can rise to 7 months depending on the production schedule. Mezz cues are very high quality products which involve a lot of manual labor, combined with the global scale on which the products are sold, supply bottlenecks are unfortunately unavoidable.

The New EC9 Inlay Models
The successor of the EC7 series brings a freshen appreciation for the natural beauty of exotic woods. A simple but striking design of the new EC9 accompanied with accented white and double stitched silver rings accentuates its elegance. Introducing the minimal deflecting straight pro taper shaft, the WX-Σ advances players capabilities in competition. Using a variety of rare woods in line with the Miki’s ideology, simplicity over complexity, the EC9 is ready to perform.

The EC9-D4 Paduak, Black Wood, Turquoise comes with the new WX-Σ, with Kamui brown S, 12,5mm, Irish Linen and United Joint