Cuechanger Naturals II Olive Makassar
Cuechanger Naturals II Olive Makassar

A very nice, slightly used Cuechanger Naturals II, made by Oliver Stops. Olivewood wrapless with macassar handle with 6-Slot Veneer-Ringwork.

We are selling this cue on comission.

Butt 14.8Oz at 29.5 inch Lenght and Shaft 1 3.55oz at 29.5 inch Lenght as well and 12.85mm with Wizard M.

Shaft 2 3.85Oz @ 13.0mm Wizard M tip

Shaft 3 3.55Oz @ 12.5mm, Kamui Black tip. This is an IQ shaft

The Naturals II Series feature a Pertinax-Insert in the A-Joint and an LD-Shaft with a hollowed out front end, made from an A+-Blank. The Butt is made slim at 31.0mm Diameter. The cue is ready to accept an extension. A Cuechanger-Extension is availible on request.

This cue is part of a series, wich is exclusively distributed by DoubleDave Cues. If you like to do a custom-order with other types of wood, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you with your order.

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