Buffalo Revolution 5
Buffalo Revolution 5

The Buffalo Revolution Carom Series

  • New Buffalo Sport Grip
  • Comes with 1 Buffalo Pro Shaft
  • Buffalo Single Wooden Joint System
  • Adjustable Weight Screw System
  • Quality Controlled

This unusual cue has a natural stained birds-eye maple forearm with 6 elegant black and white point decals. With the newest two-tone sporting grip that runs all the way to the butt cap, an engraved cocobolo joint collar and a cocobolo trim ring.
This cue features Buffalo's interchangeable single wooden joint system, which produces a soft hit.
For cadre / libre: <490 grams = 11mm tip.
For 3-cushion: >500 grams = 12mm tip.

Please allow us a delivery time about 1 week, if we do not have this cue in stock.
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