Buffalo Elan 3 Carom
Buffalo Elan 3 Carom

The Buffalo Elan Carom Series

  • Comes with 1 Buffalo Pro Shaft
  • Buffalo Single Wooden Joint System
  • Buttcap Stainless Steel
  • Everest tip, 11-12mm
  • 470gr. – 530gr.

This attractive cue has a masked forearm that reveals the cherry stained birds-eye maple underneath. The grip is black with red decals. The butt sleeve is also cherry stained birds-eye maple with black trim ring decals, which is offset by an extra thick natural maple ring inlay at the butt cap. This cue features Buffalo's interchangeable single wooden joint system, which produces a soft hit.
For cadre / libre: <490 grams = 11mm tip.
For 3-cushion: >500 grams = 12mm tip.

Please allow us a delivery time about 1 week, if we do not have this cue in stock.
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